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Our Staff has a comprehensive knowledge of the destinations, expectations, culture and requirements of our customers, this enables us to offer a customized selection of travel options, as well as tailor-made tours at fair prices, aimed at our target groups and at wholesaler profiles. We strive to make each Costa Rican trip an exceptional experience and, above all, to exceed our clients’ expectations.
Our services are characterized by great flexibility and creativity in designing itineraries according to each client’s budget and preferences, taking into account any special requirements they may have.
If you want to have a unique experience in Costa Rica, whether in the ocean or the mountains, don’t hesitate to contact, we have a large team to help you plan a wonderful vacation for the whole family.

Includes: Transfers, Guide, Fishing Rods & Reels, and Bait, Bottled Water, Sodas, ** Alcohol is permitted; which will be at your cost and discretion** For FULL day tours, sandwiches will be provided for lunch.


Recommended packing list: Swimsuit, water shoes, bug spray, sunscreen



This 32 foot boat is the have-it-all cruiser prepared for unforgettable adventure, whether it’s a day at the beach or a weekend on the water. Enjoy luxurious comfort on deck, and indulge in the premium amenities found down below in the expansive cabin space. Bold and prestigious. Capacity of 8 persons.







This 30 foot boat is great for smaller parties and has a capacity of 6 persons.


This boat is for smaller parties, capacity of 4 persons to get that personal attention for fishing.



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